"Keeping International Peace Coin"

Kipcoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Kipcoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities.

Multiple nodes worldwide.

Decentralized control, giving you your own power and security over your assets.
By Running the KIPCOIN Core wallet you help contribute to the KIPCOIN Network!
More Nodes are needed, so why not consider running the core wallet


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A bit more on KIPCOIN #KIPC?

Kipcoin is a new born crypto currency that uses the (SCRYPT) algorithm just like it's counterpart LITECOIN but with even faster transaction times of just 2.2 minutes.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using KIPCOIN as a digital currency in terms of security, stability & speed. You can directly incorperate #KIPC in to any infrastructure, website, software, application you name it.. taking/making secure digital payments uncontrollable by central banking authorities.

Mining #KIPC

You can mine KIPC just as you can most other crypto currencies by joining a mining pool, also like most other crypto currencies like BITCOIN for example CPU mining #KIPC is not doable with the #KIPC blockchain, due to the increasing network Difficulty.
Each block reward is 50 KIPC = KIPCOINS. - with a Maximum circulation of 38,000,000 KIPCOINS.

Name: Kipcoin
Symbol: KIPC
poW - Proof of Work algorithm: scrypt
PoW Reward: 50KIPC / Per Block
Block time: 2.2 minutes
Block maturity: 101 blocks
Transaction confirmation: 2 blocks
Max coin supply: 38,000000 KIPCOINS #KIPC
Currently in circulation:2,147,250 KIPC

Mining Pool's

Mining is fundamental to the Kipcoin blockchain as it ensures transactions get confirmed and also gives a incentive to miners as they are rewarded 50 fresh kipcoins (KIPC) for each new block they put in to the blockchain plus any transaction fees if any transactions are added in to the block.

Available Mining Pools

More pools can be found on the thread.

Blockchain Explorer

The blockchain explorer shows all #KIPC blockchain transactions in real time.
The explorer is now Live, it's also possible to create your own interaction by using the API provided by the block explorer.


Open source and available on GITHUB. Push requests are welcome and encouraged by developers.

Kipcoin thread on Bitcoin talk


Download The Core Wallet

Below are available links to download the Kipcoin core wallet on your preferred device.

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